We Can Improve Your Overall Dental Health and Wellness

The team at OC Surgical Solutions, drdavidtyturbyfill.com, has helped countless patients in and around the greater West Volusia area. Using solutions for missing teeth such as dental implants as well as advanced jaw and facial surgery procedures, we can improve overall dental health and wellness.

Right now davidturbyfilloralsurgeon.com would like to focus on some of the most common causes of tooth loss.

Vehicle Accidents

Getting involved in a car accident or even a bike accident can result in serious injury to the mouth and face, potentially causing tooth loss to occur. Bike accidents and motorcycle accidents can prove especially severe, so be careful when you are out on the road.

Contact and Combat Sports

Both contact sports (e.g., football, hockey) and combat sports (e.g., boxing, mixed martial arts) can result in major injuries to competitors. It’s one of the risks of these athletic activities whether you compete at a professional level, student level, or simply do it for recreation.

Gum Disease and Recession

Unhealthy gums can eventually lead to problems with your teeth. For instance, it’s possible for teeth to become loose and more likely to fall out as a result of gum disease and gum recession.

Major Tooth Decay

Serious cavities and tooth decay can harm tooth structure so much that teeth are more likely to break and fall out from simple biting and chewing.

Learn More About Tooth Loss and How It Can Be Treated

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, we encourage you to contact our dental surgery specialists today drdavidturbyfill.com. The team at OC Surgical Solutions davidturbyfilloralsurgeon.com will help you have a healthy and beautiful smile.

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