Multiple Teeth Replacement

A dental implant requires careful treatment planning and execution in order to create a great result for the patient. The dental implant specialist and his team will evaluate various options for placing the dental implant. Depending upon the particular condition of the patient, the appropriate option will be chosen, and a treatment plan will be tailored to the specific needs of each patient.

A Single Tooth Implant

If you have lost just one tooth, you will need a single implant and a crown to replace it. The implant will also replace the tooth root which helps to preserve the bone surrounding the missing tooth. The implant will gradually integrate with the bone, helping the bone keep its natural health. You will soon forget about the missing tooth ounce the implant is placed. You will enjoy your new good looks and confidence immediately.

Multiple Teeth Replacement

For a patient who has lost multiple teeth due to disease, decay or an injury, there is an effective option of multiple dental implants to replace all the missing teeth. Some the roots will also get replaced, while all the natural missing teeth will get replaced too. Implant-supported bridges will replace teeth without disturbing the strength of the neighboring teeth. In the long run, the dental implants prove to be much more aesthetically pleasing, and provide better functionality and comfort compared to bridgework or dentures.

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