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Find out what kind of excellent care Surgical Solutions can provide to you today!

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We at OC Surgical Solutions pride ourselves on excellent care and detailed patient education. This is why so many patients in and around the greater Sanford area have visited our practice for their advanced dental care needs.

Sometimes multiple teeth need to be extracted, while other times just one tooth may be the cause of all of your troubles. Let’s take a moment right now to consider the latter and what you can expect during a single tooth extraction. www.ocsurgicalsolutions.com

When you have a tooth that has suffered substantial decay or has been severely damaged in an accident of some kind, there may not be enough remaining tooth structure to support a dental restoration. Rather than attempt to save a severely damaged or decayed tooth, sometimes it makes more sense simply to remove it.

The infection of the interior pulp chamber of a tooth can be quite serious. A root canal is often the solution to address the infection and save the tooth, but if the infection has spread, it may not be ideal to save the tooth. In such cases, the ideal option is the extraction of the infected tooth to relieve pain and prevent further spread of the infection. www.ocsurgicalsolutions.com

For more information about tooth extraction and your many options available for advanced dental care treatment, be sure to contact our oral surgery center today.

Proudly serving Debary residents & all of Central Florida.

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