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Treat Your Sleep Apnea Today – Surgical Solutions | (386) 837-1236

Treatment Options for Sleep Apnea

The ideal treatment option for sleep apnea will depend on the cause or causes of your sleep apnea. Minimally invasive therapies can be used to help address a number of issues. Some of these treatments include CPAP machines, special mouthpieces that open up airflow during sleep, and outpatient surgery for the soft palate. More invasive surgeries and therapies will be considered for serious cases of sleep apnea that do not respond to less invasive therapies.

During the consultation process, we will determine what kind of sleep apnea you suffer from and how best to address your particular issues with the sleep disorder.

Learn More About Treating Sleep Apnea

For more information about sleep apnea and how our team can help you achieve better health and total wellness, be sure to contact our today. We at Surgical Solutions will work closely with you to help you sleep better and experience much better health in the process.

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