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Treatment for Physical Trauma

Receive treatment for physical trauma to the oral and facial areas. | (386) 837-1236 Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are trained, skilled and uniquely qualified to manage and treat facial trauma. Injuries to the face, by their very nature, impart a high degree of emotional, as well as physical trauma to patients. The science and art …

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Synthetic Substitutes Used for Bone Grafting

There are many synthetic substitutes for real bone that are used for bone grafting. | (386) 837-1236 As a substitute for using real bone, many synthetic materials are available as a safe and proven alternative, including: Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM)/Demineralized Freeze-Dried Bone Allograft (DFDBA): This product is processed allograft bone, containing collagen, proteins, and growth …

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Preventing a Toothless Smile

Taking preventative measures can help prevent a toothless smile! | (386) 837-1236 It’s easy for people to not realize what they have until it’s gone. Imagine what it would be like if you were missing one of your front teeth? You’d probably be a bit embarrassed smiling and talking, and not to mention eating would …

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Taking Care of Your Surgical Concerns

Dr. Turbyfill and the team at Surgical Solutions will take care of all your dental concerns. Make your appointment today! | (386) 837-1236 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are doubly qualified in Medicine and Dentistry with specialist training and experience which gives an unparalleled understanding of the surgical anatomy and pathology of conditions affecting the face, …

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Protecting Your Teeth While Participating in Sports

When participating in sports, it’s important to protect your face and teeth. | (386) 837-1236 It used to be that we would see most of our sports-related facial trauma patients in the fall and winter when sports participation typically reached its highest point. But nowadays, we see a steady stream of sports injuries to the …

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