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Treatment Plans From Surgical Solutions

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text] Choose a dental implant treatment plan from Surgical Solutions. | (386) 837-1236 A dental implant requires careful treatment planning and execution in order to create a great result for the patient. The dental implant specialist and his team will evaluate various options for placing the dental implant. Depending upon the particular condition …

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How Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.82″] How Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth and Preserve the Facial Structure | (386) 837-1236 The implants themselves are tiny titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone where teeth are missing. These metal anchors act as tooth root substitutes. The bone bonds with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for …

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Why Choose Dental Implants?

[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text] Dental Implants Vs Removable Dentures: Why Choose Dental Implants? | (386) 837-1236 Why choose dental implants? Once you learn about dental implants, you finally realize there is a way to improve your life. When you lose several teeth – whether it’s a new situation or something you have lived with for years – …

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