Wisdom teeth are an extra set of superficial molars that grow in behind your rear molars. These teeth tend to emerge during the late teens and early twenties. Wisdom teeth removal is required when these superfluous teeth affect your overall dental health. www.wisdomteethremovalbydrturbyfill.com

The team at OC Surgical Solutions performs wisdom tooth removals on a regular basis at our Orange City office. We\’d like to briefly look at why impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed.

Problems When Wisdom Teeth Come In Crooked
When your wisdom teeth come in crooked, a number of problems with spacing and crowding are bound to emerge. davidturbyfilloralsurgeon.com

The primary worry is something called impaction. This refers to cases in which the wisdom teeth press inward on your rear molars. This places major pressure not just on your rear molars but potentially the other teeth in your mouth, resulting in pain and soreness.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Put Your Other Teeth at Risk
Left in place, impacted wisdom teeth can cause structural damage to your rear molars, including cracks. This increases the chances of your rear molars suffering greater damage due to the stress placed on them from regular biting and chewing. Weakened molars are a major problem given that they are crucial for properly chewing your food. drdavidturbyfill.com

Severe cracks to the structure of a rear molar also increase the chances of infection occurring and more serious dental health problems as a result. An infected tooth will require a root canal to remove infected dental pulp, or extraction may be necessary if the tooth cannot be saved.

Should I get my wisdom teeth removed?
While it is not necessary to have your wisdom teeth removed if they are coming in straight, it is definitely important to get them removed if they are impacted. By getting impacted wisdom teeth removed, you are eliminating pain and discomfort in the immediate future and improving your overall dental health and wellness for years and years to come.

During a consultation with our team, we will take x-rays to note the nature of the impaction and design a treatment plan that is ideal for you and your needs. drdavidtyturbyfill.com

What to Expect from Wisdom Tooth Removal
Patients will be under general anesthetic when they have their wisdom teeth removed. This will ensure as little pain and discomfort as possible.

Your oral surgeon will carefully make incisions into the gum tissue at the back of the mouth and will remove the impacted wisdom. If the wisdom teeth are difficult to remove, they may be broken into smaller pieces to allow for full removal.

Recovering from Wisdom Tooth Removal
Following the removal of your wisdom teeth, you will notice soreness or numbness in the back of your mouth. Prescription pain relievers may be given to address the discomfort in the early days of healing. Patients are asked to get ample rest.

Patients will be asked to be on a liquid diet for the early days of recovery to avoid infection and disturbing the sutured portions of the gumline. The use of straws will not be permitted until you are fully healed as the suction can potentially undo the blood clots and sutures around the incision sites.

Full pre-op and post-op instructions will be provided to you during the consultation process.

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