The team at Surgical Solutions has been helping patients in Deland get the healthy, beautiful smiles that they have always wanted to have. One of the ways that we make this possible is performing bone grafting surgery, a process that builds jawbone density to improve dental wellness. We want to focus on bone grafting and who it helps right now.

Causes of Bone Loss

One of the most frequent causes of bone loss on the upper and lower dental ridges is tooth loss. Without root structure to support, the bone density steadily diminishes over time. This can lead the remaining teeth to shift out of place, leading to issues with the functionality and health of your teeth.

Why Bone Grafting Surgery Is Performed

Bone grafting is performed when a patient is interested in getting dental implants placed but he or she does not currently have sufficient bone density in the area of the gap. During the implant dentistry procedure, a process known as osseointegration needs to take place. This refers to the fusion of the dental implants with the gum tissue and the bone structure. This can only occur if sufficient tissue density exists, hence the need for bone grafting.

General Candidates for Bone Grafting

Good candidates for bone grafting are people who are in generally fine dental health. It\’s important that these patients be able to handle oral surgery, and they should not suffer from any systemic problems that would make the bone grafting procedure a risky endeavor.

Grafting Procedures for the Upper and Lower Teeth

There are different approaches to bone grafting depending on the dental ridge that will be receiving the dental implants. When the upper dental ridge is being treated, it\’s generally a good idea to consider a sinus lift surgery, a means of raising the sinus floor and improving bone formation in the process.

Candidacy for sinus lift and specific types of ridge augmentation procedures can be discussed in greater detail during your visit to the practice.

Using Donor Bone or Artificial Bone

In addition to the above concerns, it\’s important that our team determine if you are a better candidate for harvested donor bone or the use of artificial bone tissue. The harvested donor bone tends to be taken from the patient\’s own tibia (shin) or hip. The artificial bone tissue is generally considered when harvested bone is not an ideal or viable consideration for the patient.

Realistic Expectations About the Process

Having realistic expectations about the oral surgery process is one of the most important aspects to candidacy. Patients need to understand that there is a months-long healing process involved after bone grafting surgery, and that this will delay the eventual placement of dental implants (already a months-long process).

While the end results are worth the wait, patients need to understand that patience is important, and that each surgery is a step toward a beautiful and healthy smile.

Schedule a Consultation at Surgical Solutions

For more information about bone grafting and how it can help you overcome bone loss and prepare for other kinds of dental therapies, we encourage you to contact our team of oral surgery experts today. At Surgical Solutions, our team will work closely with you to ensure that you get the treatment that you need when it is needed most.

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