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The condition known as leukoplakia is one that many patients have experienced but not many patients actually understand or know by name. Let\’s take a moment right now to consider the nature of leukoplakia and why it ought to be carefully checked.

What is leukoplakia?
Leukoplakia refers to a condition in which white or pale lesions begin to form on the insides of your cheeks, the bottom portion of the mouth, or even your tongue.

Is leukoplakia dangerous?
In general, leukoplakia is not harmful and simply an aesthetic issue. While that covers the vast majority of cases, keep in mind that leukoplakia is sometimes a warning sign of oral cancer.

Just to be on the safe side, any oral lesions ought to be taken seriously as soon as they occur until they can be determined otherwise benign in nature.

The Common Causes of Leukoplakia
The most common cause of leukoplakia is smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco. The vast majority of leukoplakia cases are seen in people who smoke. Estimates from the Mayo Clinic suggest that three-quarters of people who use tobacco products will experience leukoplakia during their lives.

In addition to tobacco product use, leukoplakia is sometimes seen in people who wear dentures or bridges, have teeth that are rough or uneven, or bite the insides of their cheeks.

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