With over 20 years of practice, it still surprises drdavidturbyfill.com how many individuals are misinformed regarding their ability to receive implant treatment.Patients are often given a multitude of reasons why these life changing procedures cannot be performed. Medically and physically challenged individuals can be difficult for practitioners who are not trained or experienced with this patient population.  Luckily, my previous hospital based practice has prepared me to handle what others deem impossible.  Another common disqualifier of care is lack of bone to provide implant retention.  Some individuals are informed that they do not have enough bone without a complete evaluation.  drdavidtyturbyfill.com

At Surgical Solutions, I utilize radiographs and cone beam CTs, in addition to a thorough clinical exam, to precisely measure the location and volume of my patient’s bone.  I have also found that some providers use only one type of implant.  There is, unfortunately, not one implant system that can optimally treat all patients.  Surgical Solutions utilizes multiple systems to marry patient’s needs with an ideal implant’s capabilities.  Utilizing the latest techniques in diagnosis, implant selection, and surgical placement; can overcome a large number of bone deficiency issues.   However, if bone grafting is found to be necessary, then here at Surgical Solutions, I have an array of materials and techniques to replace and build lost bone.  In fact, I have found that individuals who have the least amount of bone can benefit the most from implant supported reconstruction.  You owe it to yourselves to seek an evaluation and find out how affordable these life changing procedures can be. Call us at 1(386)837-1236 to schedule an appointment or visit us on www.ocsurgicalsolutions.com for more information. davidturbyfilloralsurgeon.com

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