Dental professionals will often recommend removal of your third molars or “wisdom teeth”. Let me review the most common reasons for this advice.

Inadequate space is a leading indication for extractions.  The third molar is normally the last tooth to develop in one’s mouth. Your teeth, with or without orthodontics treatment or “braces”, can be damaged or displaced by your third molar attempting to erupt into your mouth. The pressure exerted by your third molars can cause crowding and/or prevent your orthodontist from safely and effectively moving your teeth.

Second is infection.  If a third molar has any communication with the oral cavity or mouth then bacteria can find their way below the gum line which can cause a periodontal or “gum tissue” abscess.  This often occurs when you are sick or stressed and your immune system is weak.  In this scenario, one would be faced with two problems at once which can delay healing and increase pain. Also, bacteria can cause bone loss around your third molars and their neighboring teeth.  This can be irreversible requiring the removal of all involved teeth.

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