Let\’s continue our discussion from yesterday regarding Leukoplakia.

Symptoms of Leukoplakia
Common symptoms of leukoplakia include:

Pale white or grey discoloration on soft tissues of the mouth
Upraised or thick surfaces formed on the soft tissues of the mouth
Irregular texture of the affected parts of the mouth
A fuzzy or hairy sensation to tongue lesions may also be experienced in those who suffer from leukoplakia as well as autoimmune diseases or conditions. This is referred to as hairy leukoplakia.

Diagnosis of Leukoplakia
Your dentist will be able to detect leukoplakia simply from checking the tissues and structures of your mouth. A tissue sample will often be removed to be analyzed in the lab to determine if any further treatment will be necessary. This is an important test to determine if cells are cancerous.

Treatment Options for Leukoplakia
In many cases, the ideal treatment option for leukoplakia is minor oral surgery to remove the affected patches. When caught early, the procedure is not particularly invasive. Follow-up visits will help address any recurring leukoplakia, as recurrences are common.

If the leukoplakia is a sign of oral cancer, it\’s important that patients receive medical treatment as soon as possible.

Prevention of Leukoplakia
The best treatment for leukoplakia is actually prevention. The following tips will help keep these discolored lesions away:

Quit smoking/using tobacco products
Drink alcohol in moderation
Visit your dentist twice a year for regular checkups
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