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When it comes to revision and reconstruction of the jaw and palate, one option that\’s quite effective is rigid fixation surgery. Since many matters related to maxillofacial surgery are commonly misunderstood, we want to go over the basics of rigid fixation surgery so patients get a good idea of what is involved.

About Rigid Fixation Surgery
Rigid fixation surgery refers to jaw surgeries in which plates and screws are used to assist in the repositioning of the structures of the mouth. Plates and screws can be used to stabilize the mandible (the lower jaw) or the maxillae (the palate/upper dental arch).

Reasons for Rigid Fixation Surgery
Rigid fixation surgery is used in order to address fractures or breaks in the jaw or maxilla, whether these are the result of controlled treatments (orthognathics) or facial trauma (e.g., accidents, intentional injuries).

Rigid Fixation Surgery for Orthognathics
Orthognathics refers to surgeries of the jaw and the face that are used to address abnormalities or deformities that affect the health of a patient.

One common reason that orthognathics is performed is severe malocclusion. In these cases, the misalignment of the teeth is so severe that orthodontic treatment alone will not be enough to improve dental alignment. The mandible and/or maxillae will require surgical revision and reshaping first, followed by orthodontic care.

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